Here at Arkline we sskip-tracepecialise in tracing individuals and companies. Whilst the majority of our traces are debt related, we do also carry out traces for different reasons. For example we trace to confirm whether correct tenants are in occupation, find beneficiaries, locate missing leaseholders or trace individuals overseas. To trace we simply require a name and last known address and sometimes, as the example below shows, we can trace people even without the address.

Beneficiary Tracing

Arkline received an instruction from a solicitors to locate a cousin of a deceased individual. The cousin had been named as a beneficiary in the individual’s will, but unfortunately other than the name written in the will, no other information was provided. The solicitor had managed to gather limited information stating that the female cousin was not well known to the immediate family, but that they did recall that she had lived in a town in Northern Ireland and may have been a shop keeper. We therefore trawled our databases for females of the correct name and a similar age to the deceased. We went through our list of  individuals with the correct name in the location provided and came across one particular female who was of a similar age and located nearby. We therefore carried out further database enquiries and from this initial address located a next forwarding address for the individual, where there was an ex-directory telephone number listed in the same surname as the missing beneficiary. Unfortunately as the telephone number was ex-directory we were unable to make contact with the possible absent beneficiary. By cross referencing databases we were able to establish an address where we believed the daughter of the beneficiary may live and luckily this time the address had a phone number listed against it. We attempted to make telephone contact with this number on numerous occasions, and after many unsuccessful calls finally left a voicemail. Over a week later we received a call back, confirming that the lady we had been attempting to make contact with was in fact the daughter of the beneficiary named in the will. She told us her mother’s address, and stated that her mother had been very fond of her cousin and would be very excited by the news. We therefore returned the information to our client who was delighted with the result and was able to execute the will of the deceased.

This trace was carried out by the Arkline Investigations team,  headed up by Company Director, Mark Belt. If you need to trace an individual, contact Arkline Legal Agents on 01937 831290 or email us at: