Alternatives to N39 Orders

by | Dec 6, 2018

Tired of N39 Orders to Attend court for questioning not working?
You will be pleased to know that there are alternatives to N39 orders to Attend Court, for example
Arkline’s Discreet Financial Status Report. This is an excellent tool in helping you decide on the next
method to recover your debt.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

Discreet Financial Status Reports
These enquiries are largely office based and our aim is to establish the following:

● Discreet enquiries to ascertain financial status and locate assets
● Confirm personal details including name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers, email
● Extensive address search, previous, linked and current
● Land Registry confirmation of property ownership and estimated value
● Directorship search including company appointments, shareholder information, financial details,
charges/mortgages register checked
● History of any adverse credit registered against the individual
● Attempt to establish employment details
● Deep internet and media search

One recent investigation we undertook revealed two separate properties the subject was the registered
proprietor of and which the client was unaware of. We also established that the subject had two active
company appointments which our enquiries showed had CCJs listed against them. Our further
investigations also located additional employment details for the subject and also personal CCJs listed
against the individual.

Another alternative, or an addition to the above enquiries, is to instruct us to send one of our licensed
field agents to interview the subject, either to reconnect with the claimant, obtain a proposal for
repayment or complete an Income and Expenditure questionnaire.

Field Visits
Our agent will attend the last known or trace address of the subject to either conduct an interview as
detailed by the client or complete an Income and Expenditure questionnaire. Details as follows:

● Typically used when deciding preferred method of debt recovery
● Agent attends address of subject to conduct interview
● Tailormade questionnaire/income and expenditure to suit your requirements
● Agent will make observations of property, onerous liabilities, any assets
● Photographs provided
● Speak with neighbours if contact can’t be made

On a recent instruction our client had lost contact with the subject despite a substantial debt being
owed. On our field visit our agent was able to confirm residency for the individual and meet personally
with them. Our agent undertook a detailed income and expenditure interview with the debtor and
established re-communication with the client. The debtor and the client agreed a repayment plan which
is now in place.

Read more about our Process Serving options here

Other Services:

Credit Check
● Electoral roll
● Full credit history including CCJs
● Insolvency details including any bankruptcy information

Debtor Profile
● Property searches – Land Registry confirmation of ownership and estimated value
● Company appointments and financial information
● History of any adverse credit registered against the individual
Occupancy Reports
● Attend property and establish who is resident by either speaking directly with the occupant or a
● Take photographs of property
● Ascertain estimated value of property and saleability

Drive by Valuations
● Discreet enquiries
● Agent views property from outside, provides full description, photo and estimated value
Doorstep Enquiries/Mini Means
● Agent attends address and asks brief pre agreed questions
Commercial Premises Visits
● Agent attends business address to establish whether company is trading and make other
enquiries as requested by client

What information is required from you:
● Covering letter containing your reference, contact details and any specific instructions
Reason for the enquiry
● Name and last known address
● Background to case and reason for instruction
● Debt amounts and dates where possible

Case Studies:
1) Discreet Financial Status
We were contacted by a client who was owed in excess of £50k. The subject was not cooperative and
was claiming that he had no income or assets and would not offer any repayment. Our client felt that
this information did not fit in with the subject’s life style and so requested a discreet financial status
We carried out enquiries regarding all properties associated with the subject and discovered a holiday
cottage listed at Land Registry in his name which he had not declared. We established that it was being
advertised through Owners Direct and we could clearly see the bookings and rates confirming another
source of income.
2) Field visit
We acted for a finance company who had several customers who had stopped repayments and who
would not respond to mail or telephone calls. We utilised our field force to attend these addresses,
meet with the customer and re-establish contact and dialogue. We also were able to gather information
as to their current financial status. This assisted our client reinstating a repayment plan.

Please instruct us:
● by email Pauline to
● by post to Arkline, PO Box 63, Tadcaster, LS24 9WN
To discuss further:
● Please either email Pauline Belt on or telephone 01937 831290 to obtain
a quote

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