Pre-Sue Report Provides Valuable Information

by | Jun 7, 2021

A pre-sue report can provide valuable information about either an individual or a company. Here are two examples of how the information we are able to obtain can provide valuable information for claimants to assess whether it is worth pursuing outstanding debts.

Case 1 on an individual:

We were contacted by a client to conduct an asset search on an individual who was in shortfall of their repayments and no longer engaging to repay their outstanding debt. The client was aware they had one additional security which they could possibly enforce over but felt the subject had a number of assets elsewhere.

We carried out discreet enquiries based around the provided address and found links to a variety of other addresses. Each address is scrutinised to verify the link and we were left with four addresses positively associated with the subject, three being residential and one being a business address. The land registry confirmed two of the residential addresses to be owned solely by the subject and that both of these properties had been converted into flats (all leased). We found a third address, jointly owned by the subject and their partner, where the property had recently been listed for sale.

Our enquiries into the subject’s company appointments also found a further property owned by the business.

Our pre-sue report included checks for adverse credit and we found several CCJs outstanding.  Finally, we gathered further information from our deep media searches in particular the business website which provided background information on the subject themself, very insightful!

All of this new information was reported back to the client giving them a bigger picture of the subject’s finances along with their lifestyle and helps the client decide how to pursue the debt.


Case 2 on a company:

We were contacted by a client and asked to identify assets owned by a company. We shall call this company, Company A.

We carried out discreet enquiries around the nature of company A, its financial position, directors and shareholders. We found Company A was previously known by another name and all of this is included in our report to build up a profile of the company.

For any company reports we look into insolvency and litigation issues to help build a picture of the company and to see how it is doing. As part of our enquiries we conduct searches on the registered office addresses and we found the current business address to be owned by another company, which we will call Company B.

Company B we found had the same two directors as Company A and interestingly the shareholder of Company B was none other than Company A. We also discovered that Company B was dissolved but the land registry still showed Company B to the registered proprietor of Company A’s business premises.

Because the two directors were so closely connected to both companies we conducted searches into their properties and other company appointments held.

Our findings established that Company A was the shareholder of Company B who in turn was the registered proprietor of Company A’s business premises. We also included the net worth of this company which had gone up by 20% in the past year.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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