Here at Arkline we sskip-tracepecialise in tracing individuals and companies. The majority of our traces are for clients trying to locate individuals who owe them money. To trace we simply require a name and last known address, but providing additional information such as; date of birth, linked addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, dramatically increases the likelihood we will be able to successfully locate the individual.

Here is an example of a recent debtor trace carried out by the Arkline Investigations team, headed up by Mark Belt, the company director.

Debtor Tracing

Arkline were instructed by a plumbing and heating company to try and locate a batch of 23 debtors who owed the company varying debt amounts from £500 to £26,000. We managed to trace all of the debtors but one particular individual proved particularly difficult to locate. We initially traced the debtor to an address not far from his last known address. Our client then sent the bailiff to the address, where they were met with an angry adult female who stated that the debtor was her ex-boyfriend who had left six months previously. She also stated that she had no idea where the debtor had moved to. Our clients asked us to review our findings. During further investigations we established via social media that the debtor not only had a clear connection with the adult female, but that they were engaged. There were recent postings and photographs showing them in the property together, we therefore informed our client of this new information. Armed with this knowledge the bailiffs returned to the property and duly met directly with the debtor.

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