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Means Reports & Field Visits

Means Reports

We can approach this in two ways by either attending the address to interview the subject of enquiry and attempt to complete an Income and Expenditure form OR conduct discreet office-based enquiries to build a financial status report for the subject.

Field Visits: These include completing Income & Expenditure forms, Reconnection Visits, Drive By Valuations, Obtaining Signatures, Occupancy Reports and Fact Finds.

Please choose the option which best suits your requirements:



  • Office based enquiries without approaching the subject to assess financial situation and for asset tracing..
  • Personal Details: Confirmation of date of birth, verify name including checks for different variations, check relevant family members.
  • Trace Enquiries: Confirmation of current residential address and telephone numbers where possible. Email address enquiries.
  • Property Ownership Search: An asset tracing investigation that will trace all addresses – previous, linked, business and then check with land registry regarding ownership. Value estimated through internet searches and demographic information provided.
  • Directorship Search: All company appointments listed and checked. Key financial details/accounts, company credit check, shareholders details, any other relevant information provided. Mortgages and Charges register checked for assets.
  • Employment Search: Searches to establish employment & checks with professional bodies to confirm qualifications
  • Adverse Credit History: Includes searches for court judgments, bankruptcies, debt relief orders, administration orders, IVAs and insolvencies.
  • Deep Internet & Media Search: Social Networking checks: Includes Linked-in, Facebook &Twitter, Newspaper articles, blogs, forums, dating sites, advertising and other
  • Optional: Field Visits, Drive By Valuation & Description of residence, Details of any Assets seen or located, Subject’s veracity & character were possible
  • Property searches can be carried out in Spain on just names.

Doorstep Enquiries/Mini Means

  • Our agent attends the property and asks brief pre-agreed questions

Debtor profiling

  • A brief report detailing any adverse credit registered against the debtor.
  • Ownership and estimated value of the address provided
  • Key financial details of any companies in which they are a director.
  • Using this information in addition to a media search, we paint a picture of their financial situation which may assist you in deciding whether you want to give credit

Re-connection Visits

  • Carry out office-based enquiries to ensure address is correct
  • Trace to new address if required
  • Visit address and attempt to reconnect the subject with the client via a phone call on the spot or leave client contact details
  • Complete I&E or questionnaire (pre agreed with client) if required
  • Gather information
  • Speak with neighbours if contact can’t be made
  • Credit History if required
  • Land Registry search if required
  • Arkline will create the report with the client to suit their requirements and budget.

Means Reports

  • Also called Status Report, Fit-To-Sue Report, Pre-Sue Report & Doorstep Enquiry.
  • These pre-sue reports are valuable in helping you decide which way to recover your debt.
  • Our experienced agent will attend address of subject and conduct an interview.
  • We can tailor make our Questionnaire to suit your requirements. Our agent will request information such as current employment, income, benefits, other debts, value of house, equity in house, whether a property owner or tenant etc..
  • Our agent will also list his own observations such as description of property, any onerous liabilities seen, other assets seen in driveway etc.
  • Photo will be provided.
  • If you think your subject will not be cooperative please view our discreet asset search in Consumer Reports.

Occupancy Report

  • Attend property and establish who is resident by either speaking directly with the occupant or a neighbour. Ideal for Buy-to-Let properties.
  • If the occupant is a tenant and cooperative, we ask for details of the lease

Drive By Valuations

  • Our local field agent attends the property and provides a full description, photo and an estimate of its value by viewing from the outside.
  • Our agent uses his local knowledge and finds out the recent sale prices of similar properties to assist with his estimate.

Commercial Premises visits

  • Our agent will attend the premises and establish if company is still trading, how busy or any other enquiries required by client.

Credit Check

  • Electoral Roll
  • Full Credit History inc CCJs
  • Insolvency Information including any bankruptcy data.

Service features

  • Turnaround time 3 to 20 days
  • Urgent reports can be provided
  • Gathering Information
  • Fact Finding
  • Full detailed Report

Benefits to you

  • You will have a pre-sue report to help you decide the best way to recover your debt
  • An interview with a debtor may even produce a proposal for repayment
  • Our asset tracing investigation may find a property you didn’t know they had


  • Member of the CSA (Credit Services Association
  • Member of the ABI (Association of British Investigators) the only professional investigations association endorsed by the legal profession

What Information Is Required From You

Email with full details for a quote to enquiries@arklineuk.co.uk.

Covering letter/email

  • Full background to the case
  • Debt Amounts and dates
  • Full Name and Last known address
  • Any other information you feel is relevant
  • Your reference

Please Note

  • Fees may vary due to complexity, size of case and if more than one person is involved
  • We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to locate definitive list of the debtor’s assets.


Please either email Pauline Belt on p.belt@arklineuk.co.uk or telephone 01937 831290 to obtain a quote




Discreet Financial Status and Asset Tracing

We were contacted by a client who was owed in excess of £30k. The subject was not cooperative and was claiming that he had no income or assets and would not offer any repayment. Our client felt that this information did not fit in with the subject’s life style and so requested a discreet financial status report.

We carried out enquiries regarding all properties associated with the subject and discovered a holiday cottage listed at Land Registry in his name and his wife’s name which he had never previously declared. It was being advertised through Owners Direct and we could clearly see the bookings and rates. Client, needless to say, found this information very useful.



Field Visit

We act for a finance company who had several customers who had stopped repayments and would not respond to mail or telephone calls. We utilised our field force to attend these addresses, meet with the customer and re-establish contact and dialogue. We also were able to gather up to date information as to their current financial status. This helped our client get repayment plans back in place.


“My company has used the services of Arkline on numerous occasions for anything ranging from tracing to attending evictions. I have always found them to be professional, efficient and effective as well as being a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to use Arkline in the future and I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone else in the legal industry.” 

Jessica Stanway – Litigation Executive – JB Leitch Solicitors

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