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Tracing Services

We are tracing agents who carry out debtor tracing and beneficiary tracing for missing individuals and companies throughout the UK.

Our in-house specialist tracing agents use an extensive range of databases not available to the general public as well as other resources in order to gather information. This is systematically investigated until we obtain a current, confirmed trace address.

We can also conduct employment traces, overseas traces and field visits as required.

How We Can Help


Standard trace


Extensive trace

  • In-depth office and database enquiries, which can include field visits if required
  • Typically used for very evasive individuals, debtors living between two countries, high profile people, unusual enquiries and matters of fraud
  • Can involve tracing one or more individuals in a connected matters
  • Phone or email Pauline on p.belt@arklineuk.co.uk to discuss your requirements in confidence
  • Turn around time 1-28 days

Trace & Employment

  • A combination enquiry of tracing an individual’s residential address and their employment details
  • Office and database enquiries
  • No Trace No Fee
  • Turnaround time 3-28 days

Overseas Trace

  • Liaising with approved agents overseas and conducting trace enquiries which can include database investigations and field visits if required
  • Turnaround time 3-28 days
  • For a quote, send an email with all the information you have available to Pauline at p.belt@arklineuk.co.uk

Speed trace

  • Office and database enquiries
  • Ideal for urgent tracing enquiries
  • Typically used for debtor tracing, beneficiary tracing or tenant tracing
  • No Trace No Fee
  • Turnaround time 1-3 days

Field Visit Trace Enquiries

  • Recommended when a standard office based trace provides no useful information
  • Involves sending an Arkline licensed agent to the last known address/es to speak with current occupants, neighbours, local businesses, shops, post offices in order to gather information regarding the missing individual or company
  • Turnaround time 1-28 days

Deceased Enquiries

  • Establishing whether an individual is deceased or not
  • Locating date of death
  • Obtaining Death Certificates
  • Mortality Screening volume enquiries
  • Will and/or Probate Search to establish executor and/or trustee names
  • Executor/Trustee/Informant Address Trace
  • Obtaining death certificate to establish informant’s name
  • Locating beneficiaries/ next of kin/ executors

Employment trace

  • An Employment Tracing enquiry is used when a client wishes to enforce an Attachment of Earnings Order or establish if the debtor is receiving an income
  • Office and database enquiries in order to establish current employment details
  • No Trace No Fee
  • Turnaround time 3-28 days

Service features

  • No Trace, No Fee for UK instructions
  • Individual and bulk instructions undertaken
  • Secondary confirmation such as speaking with a neighbour or occupant
  • Telephone numbers provided if located
  • Field visit if required
  • Enquiries involving two or more countries
  • Free re-trace for up to one month from date of report if individual not at the trace address

Benefits to you

  • No money lost if we are unable to locate the address
  • New address to pursue your debt and secure documents
  • New address to give good news to a beneficiary
  • New address to obtain a signature or just make contact
  • Trace agent available to discuss private or more difficult matters


  • Member of CSA (Credit Services Association)
  • Director is a member of the ABI (Association of British Investigators), the only professional investigations association endorsed by the legal profession.

What Information Is Required From You

Email with full details for a quote to enquiries@arklineuk.co.uk.

Covering letter/email

This will need to contain your reference, contact details and any specific instructions.


Subjects full name, last know address and reason for tracing.



To improve your chances of success please provide, date of birth, telephone, email address, previous/parental address & employment details.

CASE STUDY: Tracing Tenants

The Landlord &
The Missing Tenant

We were contacted by a landlord about tracing tenants who had left her property six months previously. The tenants had caused serious damage to the property and owed several months’ rent. The landlord had on file their full names, dates of birth and mobile numbers and she wanted to pursue them for the money owing.

We began our enquiries on the same day which included reverse mobile number searches, enquiries with several of our databases companies including Equifax and Experian. We located a potential address and found a telephone number. We phoned one evening and spoke with an adult male who confirmed that this couple lived in the flat above him and he provided us with the full address. Our client received the result 5 days after instructing us and she was delighted. She commenced legal proceedings to recover her money.

CASE STUDY: Tracing Debtors

Credit Department &
Non Paying Customers

Each month we carry out debtor tracing enquiries on batches of 10 to 75 customers for the credit control department of a large building supplies merchant. These customers have absconded and not paid their invoices.

We provide our client with individual reports and a monthly invoice at their request. We are able to locate residential addresses from last known trading/business addresses and confirm whether limited companies are still trading or not. This particular client also instructs us to attend the addresses we have located.


“We have been using Arkline since 2013 and are delighted to recommend their tracing services. Efficient and reliable with excellent results and fast turnaround”

Martin Callan – Claims Thru Us Ltd – London

Get In Touch

01937 831290


West View House (UK) Ltd t/a Arkline, PO Box 63, Tadcaster, LS24 9WN. Registered in England & Wales 4878622. Registered office:
1st Floor, 24 Bridge Street, Tadcaster, LS24 9AL. VAT Registration number: 598902579. ICO no: Z8191114
Calls to Arkline maybe recorded for training and monitoring purposes

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